Green Is the NEW Lame.

In the past few months I have been doing a lot of research for my duties over at Gradient magazine, Part of these duties included me going to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC. After 2 days of walking around the Jacob Javits center hearing how "green" every company was I thought I was going to freak out....It just felt like the majority of these companies were using "green" as a marketing tool, the seasons new buzz word. I decieded I never wanted to hear the word "green" again....I was officially over saving the environment.

In the weeks following the show I returned from NYC and began to consume and waste as much as I possibly could, running around the backyard spraying cans of paint into the air, throwing plastic bottles into the waste basket, I even double flushed the toilets after using way too much toilet paper....

All of this until I stumbled upon a new channel on Direct Tv, PLANET GREEN. At first I just scoffed at this obvious plan to profit on the term "Green"...But then I watched it for 6 hours straight and in short.... Im back on the Green train. CHECK IT OUT!

"First-ever 24-hour television network in the United States: Beginning in 2008, Discovery Home Channel will re-brand as the first 24-hour green channel in the United States. The network, expected to debut in over 50 million U.S. homes, will be dedicated to the highest quality programming for a green lifestyle. The network's content will provide entertaining, authentic and quality information for such categories as eco-design, organic food and green architecture. "