Great Friends!

I wanted to start this blog off with some links to some enemy2fashion friend blogs.

-First off is Blogosphere Super Star Jarod Deanda. I met Jarod years ago online in a backstreet boys fan chatroom on AOL been buds since. His blog is a great mix of hijinks and poetry. Its a great book mark so go check it out. CLICK HERE!!!

Next we hae JacobChills.com Jacob always made fun of eeryone with a blog. Now he has one....he just started it but with his XTREME lifestyle it should be interesting.

Last and certainly least is Julia check out her blog its full of smart ass remarks and useless junk.

I have been super busy the last few weeks... packing for a big move...picking up a really exciting new contract for Enemy2 Fashion...as well as a handful of other things...

I was traveling with the fam for a few days when I returned home to a nice care package from my partners in crime at Gradient Magazine.
A nice big Jar of HOT marinara from Vincents in in Little Italy. This is by far my favorite place to eat in NYC. Thanks so much Alan,Barris and Matt.

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