Racing for Death... and confessions of a car movie junkie....

So Tonite I got to catch the new version of DeathRace. I was a little skeptical going in for obvious reasons.... The original version is on my top 10 list of movies I love.
Honestly... I really enjoyed it... It was alot more gorey than I expected and a bit dark but great my only real complaint was Tyrese Gibson, how the fuck does this guy keep getting work? In the first 5 minutes of the film they give a great nod to the original and it got right into the action.

Another thing I wanted to touch on is the release of "Fast and Furious". Thats right they have assembled the original cast (Paul Walker, vin Diesel etc.) for movie number four in the series. I can see all of my hardcore car buddies talking shit already... But I know you will all be there opening night watching it and you will love it... you may not admit it but you secretly love F&F


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