Indianapolis MotoGP 2008 / Hurricane Ike Invades

Headed out to Indianapolis this past week to hit the MotoGP Race for some work. Instead of rambling on and on Ill just let the photos talk.

Guest of RedBull .. This tattoo was required for entry to the hospitality suite called the ":energy station.

Jesse Rooke custom bike builder part time model 100% Spicolli.


Quick tour of the Red Bull Rookies Cup Pits.

Sacha and Justin Lurkin.

Red Bull Photogs dont play... Northcutt doing his best dont mess with Texas

Tim from Alpine stars always so damn serious. Lighten up man.

Inside the energy station Red Bull had Ender a graffiti artsist busting out hats all weekend.

Finally got to meet Jeff from Church of Choppers Looking forward to working with them in the future.

Wings Team rocking an Enemy 2 Fashion hat.

Taking the Podium with the Amazon Grid Girls.

I now officially drink Soda. Jordan where is my fridge full?

Jordan and Garth.... Wow.

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