day in the life...(semi-personal post)

Start off with a shot of my messy workstation...... major improvements coming soon!

Lunch at "NY Style" pizza joint.... 2 of the meanest ladies EVER!...Actually makes me think I am in New York!.. :)

Had a great Pho meal with some friends...and then it ends with them drinking ALOT of wine and me still Sober Sally!

I leave you with the worst ad I have seen in a while..... does this energy drink actually make your pee burn?.....gonorrhea in a bottle?....


Anonymous said...

Saw your commenta about the girls from the "pizza joint". I don't know what your problem is but my friends and I have been going there for YEARS and they are some of the nicest and friendliest girls. What exactly were you expecting them to do?

It's pretty obnoxious to tag someone as "meanest ladies ever". What did you do?

Enemy Noir said...

Tough Crowd!.... I guess sarcasm doesnt translate via the interwebs....For the record the gals at the "pizza joint" are ridiculously AWESOME!... especially "freckles"

Scene Moms said...

haaahaha. wow.