Expanding Knowledge...

I have been a fan of architecture for a long time... I think there will always be a part of me that wishes I would have pursued it as a career.
A few weeks ago I went through my sketchbook that is about filled up... I noticed two things

1) half of the drawings in my book were architectural sketches, random ideas I have had for additions to my own home or complete floor plans for my dream garage.

2) I need to draw alot more... Relying on my computer has seriously limited what I can do.

I am not a fan of resolutions but in 2009 I am committing myself to draw a lot more and also learn some new technology.

I Came across one sketch that I did late in 2007 for a Modern Compound style house and I thought I wish I knew how to use CAD so I could do a proper rendering... I thought about asking a buddy who does 3D work if he could do something based on my sketches, instead I decided to tackle it myself. This is my first time using any 3d software and I am pretty pleased with the outcome so far.

This is far from complete and if you look closely the design has changed a bit from the original drawing... I got started on this and realized that I overlooked measurements as well as the interior of the house. (ha!) ...with that being said I have a new found respect for architects.

Im no Bruce Goff yet but maybe someday.....Oh well check it out and enjoy.

Original Sketches from 07

Start of 3d process....

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