Inspiration for 2009.

I thought I would post some things I am looking to for inspiration in 2009... like many of you I keep a folder that I save interesting photos that I find on the interwebs... Below you will find some of them, but not all of them ( I gotta keep some things of secrets)

Mid Century modern furniture ... especially people that are brave enough to try new upholstery and finishes... STOP COVETING THIS STUFF AND MAKE IT YOURS!

Cinque Terre Italy holds a piece of my heart and I just cant wait to get back... I have never been to Cinque Terre but I will get there this year!

AMERICAN Muscle. It's time to get back to our heritage and make muscle cars cool again.

Ephemera anything printed pre 1980 I love and collect like a crazy person. Hot Rod Magazines, Popular Science, 70s Playboys, Comics, etc.

Uboat Brand Watches.... Time to trade in the Gshocks for a big boy watch.

Anything Frank Gehry.

Paul Smith Bespoke. His designs have always intrigued me especially his stripes and his project with Triumph Motorcycles.

1960's Ford Econoline or Dodge A-100 Vans.

1950's Era Trucks....the lines on these are inspiration enough. Oh yeah and Flat Metallic Finishes are the new Black.

1937 Ford Coupes... Kustom ofcourse. I spend hours a week searching craigslist for a rusty one of these....

As always Graffiti will always have a part in my life....

I wish everyone Health, Wealth and Happiness in 2009

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