LA - Time for a new Camera....Choppers,DRX and more.

Ill start this out by saying that my trusty Casio Exilim camera has finally taken a dump... after 10s of thousands of pics and my baby boy dropping it several times Its finally giving up the ghost!

Spotted this sick Super Raked Chopper on Chop on Melrose.... Sick...

Then I spotted this Crazy bug at Casa Romanelli.....this thing was like 3 inches...

Got a chance to hang with Samantha ...this is her looking cool.. make sure to check out her Album showcase at the world famous Viper room on May 14th.

Took a chance and found the elusive Powerplant Choppers they build some of the toughest streetbikes out... no bullshit handbuilt motos.

Shop has been there for about 7 years... but looks like it has ages of history.

Soptted this piece by Kofie one of my LA favorites...

Last I leave you with a glimpse into the future and into the Dr's Studio... Yes thats a size 120 Converse DRX shoe....the man has an amzing collection of accoutremaunts!

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