Papas got a brand new bag!....

Well its actually a few weeks old now... I have really been into these old bags lately, something tried and true with a history to it, a story...

For 12 years i used a Yak Pak Messenger bag and recently had to retire it. Ive been following a blog called A Time to get & I place all blame on them for my new infatuation with old bags... A Time To Get is a blend of all the things i love Bikes,Apparel, & Design, Be Sure to check it out.

I picked this one up at a local flea Market, the gentleman that sold it to me had a ton of War memorabilia and told me the bag was dated 1901.... It may be a bit far fetched but I got a steal of a deal on it so I don't care... The patina on this bag hints to all of the places it has been... If only it could talk.

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Tim Smith said...

That bag is hotness!!! Let me fuel your fire of old cool shit with a few more blogs like that one:
http://thebarstoolromantic.tumblr.com/ (mostly pics, but so much cool shit in there).
http://acontinuouslean.com/ (gets a little too stylish in parts, but the guy loves him some old bags and stuff).