Comic Con 2009 in 50 pics!

Headed out to San Diego for a few meetings at Comic-Con. This was a trip for my day job and I had a great time. I was a lil nervous at first but honestly this was one of the most fun events I have ever attended. There are about 50 pics here... but it is only a very small selection, maybe Ill make a flickr slideshow with the rest.

We weren't even in the show yet and we got our first pic with this guy, dressed like some sort of plant..

The Floor at Comic Con is insanely packed.

Genius!... These were installed in all of the hotels around the convention. Notice the elevator buttons.

Wired Magazine hosted a VIP hospitality area at the Omni hotel. It was called Wired Cafe and the menu was off the hook.

They had some really good schwag too, Marvel edition New Era hats exclusive to Comic Con, some limited Sandals by Havaianas and much more.

Best Fro Ever.

Nathan Cabrera in the house...

This was the first of many uncomfortable situations...

Dr and the Battlestar Gallactica guy...

This is known as "Nerd Congestion". It was amazing to see hundreds of thousands of the most socially awkward people in the world gather in one spot. Dressing up as a storm trooper, boba fett, wizard, seemed to release some sort of tough guy machissmo in these guys. Halloween in Summer.

Picked this up for my Wife... gonna save it for our 1 yr. wedding anniversary.

I really wanted to get in on this photo... but honestly I couldnt stop laughing. The guy on the left ditched his cigarette to take this pic! Thanks for the sacrafice.

Master Shredder!

This is the view from my hotel across the way!.. the big crowd of people were lined up to see the cast of LOST. line

Rocketeer and Ghostbuster... It was crazy that after 2 days or so this sort of thing seemed completley normal.

Ran into Kevin from Toy2R. Stoked about working with them on my enemy2fashion figures coming out soon.

This girl followed us to the elevator... she talked, and talked and talked.... Sorry Kevin!.

Pumpkin, insert head.

another costume that was sick.. Im pretty sure it is a character from LEGO Bionicle.

Ok... so we were geeking out on these Custom made Ray guns by Dr. Gordborts. These things are solid metal and are so detailed it hurts. They run about $900-$4000.00

This guy walked up and engaged us in a convo about the Ray guns, silly me thought he worked for the company... NO NO NO.. he was just a fan and had one for himself!.. He was honestly the nicest dude and kicked down some serious Ray Gun Knowledge. By far my favorite costume of the Convention.

I grabbed several prints while at the show... It is an awesome place to score some great art for a great price.

Yep that just happened...Knit wonder Woman Outfit!

pfhhhhhh.... So serious.

Love these vintage Titles on these books.

Ashley & Dr. thanks for the Wired Hospitality.

This is one of the reasons why I miss California. Good ol' Lowriders.

I was stoked to see an old friend, Doo-Doo.... This is the best photo I could find of us...

Met at a friends wine bar called Syrah in downtown San Diego.Place was dope and Doo Doo served this asian dude on tha dancefloor with her running man...

BodyWorlds street team was great...

The only pic of Jeffs Double Barrels... Had a great time with this dude...

"Yo Dawg, whens this Tea Party jumpin off?

Captain America and Captain Romanelli.

This girl was Miss Horror... and she screamed right when I took the pic, so Dr's reaction is real.

Can you find him?

Sick sustainable wooden toys.

Dr. Spock is super old.

Ray Bradbury is even older... Ledgend.

QR codes were everywhere... I have been trying to pitch these programs for about a year... no one gets it... Scan it if you can.

Bumble bee costume is sick... just some dude made it at his house..

I would love to know what a Ron Jeremy Text message looks like.

VW thing... havent seen one of these in a while.

I kinda want this... but for $1250.00 it better shoot lazer beams for real.

Life size Big Baby gun like hellboys...

Sick Storm trooper mash ups...

This dude was seriously pissed off about Twighlight... he was preaching about how it ruined Comic Con forevor. I guess he was pissed about the record attendance by Ladies!

Peeped this Nissan PAO at mission beack I love how these are brand new but have a great vintage look.

just chillin.

got to the beach for a bit while I killed time waiting for the Red Eye.

Finished off the Trip with some good ol In and Out Burger.


Scene Moms said...


Justin always raves about In And Out Burger

Negro AKA Karloz Watson said...

Dude bro- Ray Bradbury??? How effing cool. I would've gotten dude's autograph. And QR codes are sick. I've been wanting to do a campaign w/ some- it just seems like the general population doesn't know what they are yet. :(