Weekend Update!

Had a great weekend chilling with the fam and some friends...

First off we had a great day of tiquin'... if you aren't down with yard sales and antique shows... I feel sorry for you. Scored these sweet old issues of Southern Motorsports magazines featuring some cool cover articles about Tim Richmond.

Also scored this 60's era helmet, its a youth size so it was perfect for Xman!

He loved it!

Next it was on to Snug Harbor for a night out with the boys, Pictured here is Steve, my boss... he hates it when I put him on my blog, he feels it "is an invasion of his privacy, and demeans his moral code." Whatever the hell that means.

Opening up was The Poontanglers... they killed it!

JacobChills made an appearance...

Then the man himself, Benji Hughes performed...definitley dont judge a book by its cover, damn good music.

Finished off the weekend by finishing up painting this NASCAR hood for an upcoming show.

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