Steel Palace Success...

Took off to setup an event in upstate NY...

My trusty bag from 1901 always keeps me going!

This is the first time I flew JetBlue Had a great experience...plus the Direct TV during the whole flight.

approaching Syracuse airport..

Race time... The first annual Kasey Kahne Steel Palace Classic was a huge success.

Historic Oswego Speedway in Oswego Ny... Such a great history!

Awesome view of the Nuclear Reactor in Oswego!

Random Door.

Another random doorway in Oswego, NY I had a great time checking things out.

Lots of random old buildings and great signs.

Some great old steel letters in this one...

Random Canon.

behind the lights at the track... on top of the tower.

Great birds eye view of the track!... this photo was during practice the actual event was at night and it was great. This was the first USAC event I have been to and I had a great time.

Boss Man holding it down with his eyes closed....

Stacy the track know it all ....Her family owns the track and are great people. Thanks for showing me and Steve a great time in Oswego!. P.S. if you ever visit Oswego NY, the only thing open past 9pm is the Bowling Alley!

Oswego Speedway is over 50 years old and is constructed of Steel.... these foam blocks are located in all of the corners and are the only thing standing between you and the 3/4 inch steel wall...

This is what it looks like after a car hits one at 140mph.... Stuck throttle...but the driver hopped right out and walked away...thanks to the foam.

View of Oswego River flowing into Lake Ontario from our Motel...

Hit the Coffee connection on downtown Oswego before we headed out!.

Maybe Ill head back to Oswego for BeardFest next year?

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