Introducing Enemy2Fashion "Friendly Fire".

I have decided to start posting my interests in a simple "user-friendly" format called Friendly Fire. Some of these thing I have actually purchased and some are just mere dream items... I will definitely review the stuff that i have bought and let you know what I think.

1. Lifted Research Group just launched a new line of bags called the "container collection" I havent seen one of these in person yet but the photos look really good... Unique Military- esque styling is timeless and for sure another witn from the chaps at LRG.

2. Vita Coco is %100 pure coconut water which is a great alternative to drinking plain old tap water. Tastes amazing has a bunch of vitamins and other bullshit. Thanks to Matt for reacquainting me with this stuff.

3. This new watch by Diesel is called the Analog and is a Frankenstein mix of 2 styles of timepieces. Papa wants one. Retail $225.00

4. My buddy joey turned me on to this small Leather goods manufacturer called MAKR. MAKR consists of a small studio of artisans that hand build each piece. Made in the good ol' USA. Wallets are a must.

5. The Vans Super Corsa is on some Fixxed gear bullshit but the shoe is undeniably Fire. So even if your bikes got brakes check em out. I love these shoes they are super comfortable and have a bit more sophistication that the standard sneaks.

6. Bell & Ross watches. Roots in Aviation now making timepieces that have a distinct look.So far so good. make sure you use a watch winder box.... or you will have to reset the time after not wearing it for a few days.

7. Artwork by NYC staple Marilyn Minter, I just checked out some of her paintings from her project greenopinkcaviar. Photorealistic paintings on metal.

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