NYC in 37 photos.

Had to go to NYC to take care of business for my 9-5 gig... had a super early flight but I hit the ground running... Landed at LGA then got a cab into Manhattan.

Met up with my buddy Matt dropped off my gear and headed to the Gradient offices which is my home away from home while in the big city....but first we hit the Doughnut Plant I am not a doughnut guy but these were so damn good.

I got settled in at the office and had to head over to Getty Images for a meeting. Got a sweet tour also.

Returned from my meeting to find the most ridiculous Roast Beef sandwich on my desk...Honestly this thing was so damn good. (Ate way too much while I was there)

Gradient offices are in the basement so from time to time you have to surface and take a break out by the pole... got some snacks from Happy Store and chilled for 5 minutes.

Random door shot... expect a few more of these.

some Terry Richardson originals...

Random footstool....eagle claw legs clutching crystals...

went to the GRADIENT poker game such a random cast of characters.

lil Alvin takes the cake winning so much loot!

Showing off with some of his cash!...

the most crooked set of stairs ever... so steep!

What?... e2f sticker tags? thats random.

This photo actually deserves its own blog post... or a short story... In short: Maestro, Cutlass, Prosciutto, Emeril Lagasse, & a moderately priced champagne. Maestro kicked down so much knowledge and his Cutlass is dope.

1am in China town... walking home from the office a packed house at the Chinese internet cafe.

Random building... I love New York seems like the buildings actually breathe.

This is Def Jam Rich from Yonkers...he might possibly be a genius or mildly retarded.

Way too many Ghost Bikes around the city... I unfortunately witnessed a bike rider hit by a cab later that night.

Spaghetti Conspiracy.

I have lived my life by this saying... Rich girls will break your heart...Poor Girls will take you money.

Laundry Service carts...

Hannahs Arm...she is so dope at hailing cabs....and designing clothes

Japanese Menu is unbelievably user friendly... just point. All I remember from this meal was "Elbow Deep"

Mr. Softee...Cherry dipped cones with Jimmies...

Such good texture everywhere you look.

Lil' Alvin making the big bucks...

swine flu up close and personal.

another door shot....

Finally got to check out MOSS such a good design store...its like going to a museum where you can buy stuff.

you will be mine.

I got some spare time to hook up with Bobby from Indian Larry they just moved into this huge space in Brooklyn... He gave me the quick tour of the new digs.

Shepard Fairey gets no love in NYC.

I tried to steal this.

back to the Indian Larry stuff...Bobbys personal bike, so solid...

Random but such a good packaging design... they just dont do it like this anymore.

Next we headed down the block to the official Indian Larry store, Genuine Motorworks.

One of Indian Larry bikes... beautiful rootbeer flake.

this is how it goes when you are pulling 12 - 14 hour days...POWER NAP for the POWER JEW!

Fast forward the the airport.... returned home then went straight to the office, did some work, headed to the Speed house for a bday party then home to SLEEP!... 40 hours without sleep makes me hallucinate.